"Welcome to RAW CANVAS… lounge, wine bar, art studio… an extraordinary social destination. Where YOU are the creator".

During my last year’s visit to the beautiful City of Vancouver, I came across this unique and intriguing place.

As soon as I walked in, I was mesmerized with the overall feeling this place was creating. The eclectic use of chairs, tables, decor, and light combined with a family-style experience, created an atmosphere where wine & tapas as well as live jazz-type-music came along in a subtle but explosive way. The magic of it resides in the fact that no more than 4 tables make up the venue at the top front and rows of blank canvas rely at the back of the lounge, the “art studio” section. Buy a canvas of the size of your preference and they will provide the paint and brushes, as well as the guidance to start freeing your inner artist whilst listening to incredible music and meeting great people. The overall idea seemed nothing less but brilliant! To make yourself at home and have an ultimate experience whilst exploring your senses in any existing ways. TOO GOOD to be true. Oh, but it is. So true that my next visit to VanCity would certainly be directly to free my inner painter (which is certainly NOT that good )in search of a kind of experience that only they know about.

"We are the renaissance…art, food, wine, music, poetry, love, community".